The Circle


Sanjana Batra, Stylist to the Stars

Talks about pushing the envelope while playing to your strengths.

Sanjana wears a crop top by Kavita Bhartia and Zariin earrings

Q What’s your personal style like?

A. I think I would best describe my style as feminine chic. I usually stick to classic silhouettes with a fun twist.

Q What are the trends you’ve noticed in Indian occasion dressing, like for weddings, at Diwali etc?

A. People have started experimenting a lot more with Indian wear. Increasingly, I find that girls want to avoid fuss and drama and stick to silhouettes that are young, wearable and yet set them apart. I think the fact that there are so many new and young designers out there, each offering something new and different, has really changed the game.

Q What do you keep in mind when styling someone?

A. I keep in mind the occasion, their body type and personality and try to play up their strengths.

Q What do you like to experiment with in terms of styling?

A. I love incorporating trending wardrobe pieces that help push the envelope and add edginess to the look. It could be ’70s-style flared denims (that have now made a comeback in a huge way), a cape blazer, fringe waistcoats or culottes—I love incorporating these into my looks and the looks I put together for my clients!

Q Could you tell us what you liked about each look you wore, and where you’d wear it?

A. I have to say I loved each one of them. They were all so different yet so close to my personal style! The pink Kavita Bhartia was delicate and feminine—one of those outfits that makes you feel pretty instantly. I loved the colour of the super comfy Nikasha outfit. Plus, I’m crushing on capes this season! The white Peachoo was great because it was so minimal; understated yet classic. I am really big on white in general. The Ikai silhouette—balloon sleeve shirt and pencil skirt—is very close to my personal style. She (Ragini Ahuja) is one of my favourites among the younger designers. And Payal Singhal’s clothes always have a sense of opulence yet they’re so contemporary—I love that about them!