We met Ikai’s Ragini Ahuja to get a quick lesson in styling her boxy, whimsical and unique designs

QHow would you describe your approach to style?

A. I've grown up with body issues. I was always the tallest in class, and broad. I wore clothes 2-3 sizes bigger than my elder sister’s. I was so in love with big boxy shirts that I would wear my father’s shirts with rolled up denims. I developed an androgynous no-fuss style as a child and I'm still the same

QDo you have a go-to look or a personal uniform?

A. All black is my uniform — A pair of destroyed denims with leather-detailed boxy shirt, black oxfords and a top knot. With a swipe of my matte red lipstick, I’m ready to go.

QDescribe your style in five words.

A. Easy, boxy, lazy, androgynous, and no pink please.

Q What do you love hoarding onto?

A. I’ve had a long love affair with my silver jewellery. I pick up pieces from jewellery designers, or go hunting in Jaipur or Chandni Chowk.

Q How long do you take to pick out your clothes every morning?

A. Forever.

QHow do you style your Indian wear?

A. I have developed my own version of ‘boxy ethnic’ featuring oversized voluminous silk tunics paired with pleated man pants and layers of vintage silver.

QIf you were to assign yourself a style challenge… what would it be?

A. Umm… fitted clothes, maybe. This is going to be a tough challenge though.

QWhat do you love about boxy silhouettes you design?

A. The way a boxy silhouette falls. It keeps the body from looking so uncomfortable and literal. I love the laid-back edginess of drooping shoulders and a big box pleat at the back of a shirt.

QWhich city around the world do you find most stylish?

A. Amsterdam for its laid-back street style.

Photographs SACHIN SONI, Compiled by SPARDHA MALIK