Vogue India's Aradhana Baruah and supermodel Preeti Dhata play dress-up

Stylists are the reason we pick up fashion magazines. While they're the ones at the helm of creating winning new trends, they can't do it without their stunning muses who help realise their vision. Stylists and models share a symbiotic relationship - a bond forged in the holy covenant of high fashion. We invited two of our favourite fashion girls who also happen to be complete style clones and BFFs, supermodel Preeti Dhata and Vogue's Fashion Stylist Aradhana Baruah, to explore their festive style in a fun dress-up session.

Ogaan: Can you describe each other's personal style?

Aradhana: Preeti only wears layers and layers of Péro and Rajesh Pratap Singh.

Preeti: Be serious! That's not all I wear.

Aradhana: (laughs) do we have to discuss style when I'm starving?

Preeti: If you promise us a yummy meal, we can start this conversation.

Ogaan: Deal.

Preeti wears a Malasa crop-top and palazzos with Suhani Pittie earrings and an Anavila sari Aradhana wears a Rashmi Varma sari-dress with Sangeeta Boochra earrings

*We order ourselves a "yummy" meal at a nearby cafe and restart the conversation.*

Preeti: All through my college days, I have travelled in DTC buses every day. I found my daily uniform in jeans and shirts. They always made me feel secure and powerful. They still do. I love my manly clothes.

Aradhana: It's true for me too. I moved to Delhi 12 years ago. I came from a cute little place in Assam where you weren't so aware of gender disparity or stereotypes. Delhi was a whole new ball game. It really helped in a way to create my style - practical clothes, sneakers and layering.

Preeti: We're both far from being girly girls.

Aradhana: Exactly. I like clothes that are chic enough for a press event but also let you walk to your grocery shop on your way back.

Preeti wears Eka tunic and Kavita Bhartia jacket with Sangeeta Boochra earrings

Ogaan: Don't you feel powerful in feminine clothes?

Preeti: Don't get me wrong, I love my long dresses but they make me conscious of how I look. I can’t be totally relaxed in a dress.

Aradhana: I'm not a dress person at all. I feel like dresses require you to heighten your feminine look. From doing your hair to shaving your legs, there’s a lot you need to plan before you slip into a dress.

Preeti wears a Raw Mango sari with Chola kimono and an Atelier Mon choker

Ogaan: Is your festive style seeped in practicality too?

Aradhana: Totally! I instantly gravitated to the Rashmi Varma dress because it's pre-draped, so easy to slip-on and slip-off. While it looks all ladylike and incredibly pretty, you can even wear it with sneakers when you're running to your next event.

Preeti: I like to play around with my festive outfits. I’d wear brocade pants with silk shirts or wear a sari with a blazer. I can throw on a jacket over anything actually.

Aradhana: I have a feeling Preeti would make a pantsuit-wearing bride one day.

Preeti: You never know! A blazer is a good replacement for a boring old dupatta. Dupattas are the most wasteful piece of fabric if you ask me. It needs to be (actions scissoring) chopped off.

Preeti wears Payal Khandwala brocade lehenga and cape with a Raw Mango blouse

Ogaan: So which look stood out for you today?

Preeti: I loved the sari with the kimono jacket, obviously. It's so modern and cool.

Aradhana: I like the Payal Khandwala look on Preeti. The lehenga had pockets and the cape is so fierce.

Preeti: Oh yeah! I love that the lehenga had pockets. All lehengas should have pockets.

Aradhana: Totally. I always wondered why don't women’s clothes have pockets. Don't brides need to carry their phones, gum, lipstick and stuff?

Preeti: Brides could happily pocket all the cash envelopes on her wedding day all by herself!

Aradhana: (gestures) "Thanks uncle, I'll take that!"

*Both the girls burst into laughter*

*Food arrives and conversation moves from style to juice cleanses*

Photographs: MEHTAB MANN


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