We jumped into the matrix with the sharp, savvy Angélique Raina, a brand consultant and digital influencer, who navigates social media strategy, visual campaigns and much more for the brands she works with. We pick her brains on her branding strategies, favourite apps and Instagram accounts she’s currently stalking.

Q What all does your job entail?

As a consultant for brands, my work revolves around building their narrative and creating a belief system for their patrons. From strategising campaigns to curating collections, events, and sometimes down to even the consistency of tissue to wrap their products in — one could define it as being a custodian of their taste and image.

Q How do you pick a brand to represent?

Three simple deciding factors — do they have an aesthetic that is particular to them (or is there room to create one?), is the production or craftsmanship above market standards (+ can they scale?), and finally do I love the brand or have a rapport with its founder.

Angélique wears an Antar Agni shirt and a draped jumpsuit with an En Inde necklace

Q Which brands do you think have done a really great job with their marketing?

The best brands are authentic; their story and aesthetic are in tune. Internationally, Rosie Assoulin is a great example. In under three years, she has crafted a distinctive visual signature that is centred around this effortless whimsy.

Q Which brand/s social media accounts do you love?

My current favourites are Del Pozo, Rosie Assoulin and Mansur Gavriel. Besides the brand-owned social media accounts, I also enjoy tracking the creatives or the consumers of the brand. A brand can create spectacular imagery, but how is this re-interpreted by consumers? What was the photographer's favourite outtake? Sometimes there is more meaning in that!

Angélique wears a Chola ruffled shirt with a draped dress

Q Being a digital influencer, what are your favourite go-to apps?

Feedly, because there is no better way for me to read the feeds of the 128 websites I subscribe to. Google Keep to organise the relevant information I pick up along the way in myriad forms, screenshots, pictures, links, taped conversations — super easy to merge in with the mothership app of Google Drive.

Q Any advice on social media etiquette? Or pet peeves?

Pet peeves: low-resolution and over-filtered photos. Why are photos taken from a 10+ megapixel smart phone, still blurry? What is the point?

Angélique wears a Bodice jumpsuit with Eka scarf (worn as a hairband)

Q Since you scout locations to shoot your brands, tell us the most peculiar place that you’ve shot in?

Standing atop a four-feet wide roof of a six-storey building with no railings. A little scary to say the least, but it overlooked the Qutub Minar, and we really needed that angle.

Q Your current style crush?

Will always and forever be my family photos, my grandmother and mother have such rarefied and timeless taste, I needn't look anywhere else.