It’s little wonder that Ruchika Sachdeva’s studio exudes the same no-nonsense minimalism like her clothes

Q How much time do you spend inside your studio?

A. A lot! Depending on my work schedule, I spend anywhere from 6 to 10 hours at the studio. Sometimes weekends too if it’s Fashion Week time.

Q Five things essential to your space?

A. Natural light, a couch, sketchbooks, music and a pin-board.

Q Is there anything you like to collect?

A. Various coffee apparatus, stationery, notebooks and sometimes art.

QWhat were you looking for when you decided on this studio?

A. I wanted a place that was conducive to creation. Sunlight, a little green patch, perhaps a view outside that I may not get tired of (her studio overlooks the Hauz Khas lake) were just few of prerequisites.

QHow did you plan the decor of the space?

A. My studio wasn't exactly aesthetic-driven, though I guess that’s subconscious process, I was looking to make a place that felt inspiring but was also equally functional. Once I had allocated space for office, staff and tailors, it was an organic process of adding things that served a function.

QAny OCDs when it comes to your space?

A. I need to keep on changing the way my space looks. In a city where everything becomes so monotonous, at least my space can keep on evolving. I move furniture around very often. The layout doesn't remain same for more than few months.

Q Do you spend all your time on the desk?

A. I keep moving around all day. Switching the sides of the desk or getting comfy on the sofa-bed or finding a nook on the balcony.

QWhat’s the weirdest thing you’ve done in your office?

A. I’ve slept on my studio’s sofa-bed few nights. I worked till late and had to come back early for a meeting so decided to crash in the office. It wasn't weird at all!

QWhat do you do to relax at the studio?

A. I like to make myself my own cup of tea (her current obsession is Matcha tea) or walk through the workshop. Sometimes I just walk out to observe my clothes at Ogaan’s store nearby or head to the Deer Park for a stroll.