Dressing-Up with Ekta Rajani

Grazia’s Ekta Rajani creates three dressed-up looks at our Ogaan Malcha Marg store

Ekta Rajani, Fashion Director at Grazia India, is one of those tall, lithe creatures who look like they were born to influence the fashion world. Whether she’s wearing an oversized shirt stolen from her father’s wardrobe with a pair of rugged jeans, or dressing up in Rahul Mishra threads at fashion week, there’s a certain ease in the way she styles herself (and her models). She mixes together unlikely patterns, shapes and textures to create looks that seem to challenge the norm while also magically working together. We invited her to spend few hours at our Ogaan Malcha Marg store playing dress-up with our designers. We took notes…

Look 3: The Alternate Lehenga
When Ekta enters Payal Khandwala’s room, she instantly gravitates toward this freshly arrived pale pink brocade le-henga as it’s being hung onto the rack. “It’s such a beautiful piece and it has pockets!,” exclaims Ekta as she tries it on with a slinky shirt and an Eka striped jacket. “Jackets over saris, lehengas or even kurtas, are such an easy way to contemporarise the traditional clothes.” She twirls around in the lehenga, her hands snug in pockets, jacket sleeves rolled up, and she says — “This is my favourite look. I feel like an actual model in this.” We just stare at her, as do the other weekend shoppers. And we couldn't agree more!