Beauty Talk With Merrylin Boro

Getting Party-Ready with Rod Anker Salon’s Boss Lady

Let’s face it… long-haired girls have all the fun, at least when it comes to hairstyling. But if you believe Merrylin Boro, model, Instagram queen and boss-lady at Rod Anker Salons, you’ll be surprised how much you can do with just a shoulder-grazing crop of hair. Merrylin styles four party-ready looks with the help of her full-time hairstylist/partner, Rod Anker. We take over their sunlit salon in Meharchand Market and fill it with our favourite new launches to get their creative juices flowing. The result is a spring lookbook of beauty ideas, hair references and offbeat party style. Take note of Rod Anker’s hairstyling notes to DIY these looks on your next night out

Merrylin wears an Arjun Saluja shirt with Chola trousers and an En Inde necklace
On Personal style:

"My style solely depends on how I feel but my core aesthetic has always been Bohemian/ Rock n’ Roll. Everything I wear needs to have a sense of easiness to it.”

Rod’s Hair Notes:

"To be honest, this look is completely Merrylin’s vibe and it required very little from me. In fact, I only used some serum in it. A good haircut moves in the shape it’s cut and it doesn't need much styling!”

On beauty routine:

"My hair routine is pretty simple, it’s always wash-and-go (perks of having the best hairdresser by my side). My makeup is minimal — just filling in the eyebrows lightly, mascara, lip balm or a lip liner used as a lip colour. I like to look and feel as natural as possible.”

Rod’s Hair Notes:

"We added a little sea salt spray and water, then finished with a little hair spray. The trick here is not to over do it, you want it to look natural so don’t force it."

On beauty essentials:

1. An eye-lash curler with two coats of mascara. Eye-lash curlers are often overlooked by many but it plays a major role in my beauty routine. It instantly opens up my eyes.
2. A Sea salt spray for my hair, mainly because I think I’m a mermaid but also because it adds the right amount of texture without adding weight to it like other products.
3. My little Australian secret weapon —Lucas’ Paw Paw Ointment. It’s easily the best lip balm on planet Earth.
4. Aesop's Rind Concentrate Body Balm — I’m obsessed with keeping my body moisturised at all times.
5. Midollo Di Bamboo daily repair spray, its a daily strengthening spray that adds strength to the hair.

Rod’s Hair Notes:

"We smoothed out the hair, added a little serum and strategically placed the hair pins"

Merrylin wears a Peachoo Dress with Dhora earrings and necklace
On her Favourite Look:

"I loved that we did my hair in curls, super disco! I’ve always wanted to perm my hair so if I ever decide to commit to it, I now know how I’d look. The curls with the gold slip dress was my absolute favourite because it is something I normally don’t wear so it was fun to experiment."

Rod’s Hair Notes:

"Curly hair can be so hot if it’s not overdone. The trick is to keep it relaxed. We didn’t load it up with product or backcombing, we tonged it and teased it just with our fingers, and finished it with a very small amount of hairspray to create the shape"

Photography :KARISHMA BEDI


Navy Pleated Wrap With Embroidery And Inner


Sleeveless Dress With Ruffled Hem


White Drape Top