The Circle


Alina Vadera, Interior Architect, AVA Studio

Talks to us about conceptual design and comfortable style.

Alina wears sari and blouse by Anavila

Q What do you do?

A. I founded a multidisciplinary studio called AVA studio. We believe in creating evocative spaces through a narrative that is driven by functionality, and clever creative solutions. The work of our studio ranges from individual spaces to retail and hospitality, as well as creating furniture and lighting fixtures for each project.

Q Q. What have some of your favorite projects been?

A. I believe a successful project is when the concept of the space is presented or experienced by the user in a conscious or sub-conscious manner. We recently collaborated with a studio called Headlight Design and designed a restaurant for Marut Sikka called the Delhi Clubhouse. We conceptualized a space that resembled an adda, somewhat like the Delhi Gymkhana Club or the Delhi Golf Club that invoked a sense of nostalgia, was comfortable, casual and yet polished with an Indian contemporary twist. Using this concept as a guiding principle, we translated the ideas into terrazzo chequered flooring, dark wood panels, tennis-green paint, brass trim accents and leather upholstery as design elements. This was a fun project as we had the freedom to be creative. Similarly, the Ogaan stores and the Bhane store were also fun projects. I also helped design the Coast Café while working with Studio Lotus.

Q What have you learned at work?

A. I founded the studio in 2013 and in the last two years, I’ve gained a lot of technical knowledge about construction methods, construction and furniture detailing and materials. I’ve also experienced how challenging and somewhat disorganized the Indian work culture can be while working with contractors and vendors in terms of accountability and keeping to deadlines.

Q Tell us about your experience dealing with clients.

A. The relationship you have with your client is key to any service based industry. You have to be able to speak the same language on that given project and there has to be a level of trust. We are extremely transparent and open with our clients and that has favoured well for us.

Q What’s your personal style?

A. Classic and comfortable, it’s more about the cut and how it feels.

Q Do you wear saris often? Can you tell us about a memorable sari you’ve worn?

A. I wear saris occasionally for events or parties. My favourites are the Kiran Uttam Ghosh saris with the pleated fabric. I wore one for one of my wedding dinners. It was dull gold and I loved the way the texture of the pleats fall. I paired it with a gold halter-style blouse. It was elegant and chic.

Q Tell us about what you wore today.

A. I loved the patterns and texture of the white Benarasi sari, I loved how it contrasted yet complemented the contemporary Bodice top which felt incredibly soft. The crop top and pants were more playful and something I’d normally wear throughout the day – that was intuitive. I picked the Anavila sari because I loved the subtle colours.